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The Confident Freelance Editor

Aug 23, 2021


I’ve had a lot of fun so far talking to editors and guest experts and creating solo shows for the Edit Boost Podcast. Receiving so many wonderful messages from people who’ve been inspired to do more marketing and get more clients has been really rewarding.

But I’ve decided I need a bit of a break; I’ve...

Aug 16, 2021


Featured editor: Michelle Bourbonniere, Edited by Michelle

Feeling daunted by the thought of SEO? ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ for your website can sound complicated and like it’s only for technical types. There are several things you can do to help your website to appear near the top of online search...

Aug 9, 2021


Featured editor: Elen Turner, Elen Turner Editorial Services 

Given the challenging times we’re in, it’s understandable we can feel afraid of not having enough work. This worry can lead us to taking all the work we can, even if it leaves us stressed out and overwhelmed. And the recommendation is always to...

Aug 2, 2021

062: Featured editor: Andrew Pelechaty

When you’re changing careers into the field of editing, it’s challenging to make a start and find paying clients. You can feel unsure of yourself and completely ‘green’, a newbie. But rarely do we start with a blank slate. We can make use of all of our professional...

Jul 26, 2021


As editors, we like to learn, read and look at things from all angles. If we’re not feeling ready and confident in our business, we can focus too much on consuming more content. We convince ourselves we need to know more to do more; we need to learn more before we can take action.

But most people know what they...